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Is Ketamine a safe Medication?

IV Ketamine has transformed our treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, PTSD and even Addiction.

When used responsibly, IV Ketamine can tremendously help patients when they feel stock. 

By addressing the root causes of why they feel stock unlike traditional medication. Buy Ozempic online cheap.


The Experience is different for every individual, some individuals feel like they’re floating. 

Some feel like they’re flying through space. 

It’s almost like a dream where things will come to you in a different light that you may have never experienced before.

 But you’re going to be safe and comfortable with our help or the help of any professional Doctor.


Some patients do share personal things, but it’s very rare for anything secretive to come out but if shared. 

Then we keep it between ourselves like with the case with any doctor.


We get so many Patients who haven’t tried any Psychedelics or Ketamine in the pass.  

But we make them focus on the intentions we always discuss before they take Ketamine. 

And as much as comfortably let yourself release and surrender to the experience to take you wherever it takes you.

 And not to feel too concerned because you’re going in Uncharted territory.

Does Ketamine Affect Breathing?

Ketamine can be taken by very very young Patients and even Children and Babies including Old Patients or People too, and by Monitored by a Doctor or with every precautions respected, it’s incredibly safe and breathing is not impaired.

Is it advisable to Sleep while on Ketamine?

We won’t advise anyone to fall asleep during the experience, we want you to be awake enough to remember the experience so you can take it with you over the next couple of days and weeks.

How long does it take for Ketamine to Kick in?

The Ketamine will kick in within a minute or two and you’ll begin to feel different, very quickly.

Is it addictive?

Ketamine, does have an addiction potential like many other medications that we use, how ever that’s why we advise you to take it Responsibly, start of slowly so as to reduce the risk and gain the Maximum benefit.

F.A.Qs about Ozempic

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic consists of a medication called Semaglutide, which is approved for the disease of diabetes.



 Plus it’s dosed at one or even two milligrams a week, at that dose and brand named as Ozempic.



Now the exact same medication Semaglutide, is approved for the disease of obesity and marketed as Wagovi at 2.4milligrams a week.
So you might wonder why are people using Ozempic for weight loss if Wegovi is for weight loss. 



It’s because Wegovi is so popular that due to high demands and drug shortages, a lot of patients don’t have access to it. 


So people are using Ozempic in the mean time which is technically Off Label use. In the sense that it’s not been used at the optimal higher dose for weight loss. 



But the majority of people do see a significant benefit even at one or two milligrams a week.



How does Ozempic work for weight loss?



Ozempic is a glp-1 Agonist, it slows down how your stomach empties food and makes you feel fuller  with smaller portions for longer period of time, and it also acts centrally in your brain to reduce appetite so you eat less throughout the day, and on average at the higher dose at 2.4milligrams a week, people loss to about 15% of their body weight. You may have heard about Ozempic face and be wondering is this something I should worry about, well whenever you loss a significant amount of bodyweight regardless of how you loss fat tissue throughout your body, and when you loss fat tissue in your face, it can potentially increase the signs of fine lines and wrinkles but it is absolutely not specific to Ozempic itself just due to significant weight loss.

Do I have to be on Ozempic forever? and if I stop it, will I gain the weight?

Like any Chronic disease medication, Ozempic is designed to be taken long term, you can stop it at any time but the majority of patients do regain weight that they lost. I often use the analogy of you wouldn’t expect to take a medication for your high blood pressure for three or six months and expect to stop it and have a a perfect blood pressure for the rest of your life.

Does Ozempic Cause Cancer?

Two main cancers we’re worried about here is thyroid cancer and Pancreatic cancer, it is correct that in animal studies, specifically in rats, there was an uptick in thyroid cancer using the medication Ozempic. But it is important to realise that rats have different thyroid cells than humans do and there are no clinical studies to suggest that Ozempic causes an increased risk in thyroid cancer in humans.

Similarly, they are no clinical studies suggesting that Ozempic Causes an increase in Pancreatic cancer. 


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