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    More About Ozempic

    Acute Pancreatitis which is a condition where the Pancreas becomes quite inflamed has also been noted in this class of medication and it’s really important to know that Pancreatitis can be severe and can be fatal.

    It’s unclear what this mechanism is for this possible complication it’s also unclear whether or not this has any implications for Pancreatic cancer in a long run, but regardless if you have a history of Pancreatitis or if you develop Pancreatitis while on the medication you should STOP IT and you should never take it again.

    Significant weight loss with drugs like Semaglutide(Ozempic) and Wagovi can change the way our faces look, we have many fat compartments throughout our face and these compartments are affected by anything that leads to weight loss.

    Such as bariatric surgery such as just kind of natural weight loss with diet and exercise and or with drugs like Semaglutide(Ozempic and Wagovi.

    As our weight drops, the fat in our face decreases as well, this could lead to areas appearing more hollow or gone and also our skin starting to droop.

    It may be that the faster the weight loss with these medications and the more significant the weight loss, the less the body has the ability to adapt and adjust and that can lead to more sagging at a faster rate.

    So many Celebrities involved with the Medication

    The cost of Ozempic(Semaglutide) is about $1200 a month for off label use of Ozempic as weight loss drug and that is a major expense for most people but usually not a major expense for Celebrities and similar to the lack of transparency when it comes to plastic surgery for Celebrities.

    So too with weight loss there is a similar lack of transparency for example Kim Kardashian had to fit into that Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala.

    And as many have surmised including The New York Times, she may have taken Ozempic to drop weight quickly to try to fit into that dress but remember that the safety way to lose weight is to do so gradually with this medications and with any other method as well.

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